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PayPal :

The transactions carried out on this site are secured by the PayPal payment system, which is one of the most secure means of payment on the market (you can also pay by bank card via Paypal without having a Paypal account). Choose PayPal payment, you are directly connected to the PayPal payment server (address type "https: //") and, in order to validate your payment, you will be asked for your PayPal username and password.

Playa-Loca therefore does not know your PayPal identifiers and these are not stored on its server. In addition, all information exchanged with PayPal is encrypted using the SSL protocol and cannot be intercepted or modified (indicated by one of the Logo ssl symbols displayed at the bottom of your browser).

With PayPal, you have the guarantee that is well referenced with the French banking system to cash transactions on the Internet. At the end of the transaction, and before returning to the Playa-Loca site, PayPal presents you with an electronic ticket, containing all the elements of payment and the result of the payment authorization request (transaction accepted or canceled). Furthermore, if the payment has failed, don't panic: send us an email at

For more information, you can consult the PayPal website.

Bank transfer:

If you wish, you can also pay us by bank transfer (our full contact details will be sent to you when you pay). The order will be shipped upon receipt of payment.

Credit card :

You can also pay for your purchases by credit card. For more security, a confirmation by code sent by sms can be asked by your bank.