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To make this site work properly, we sometimes place small data files called cookies on your device. Most big websites do this too.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that a website saves on your computer or mobile device when you visit the site. It enables the website to remember your actions and preferences (such as login, language, font size and other display preferences) over a period of time, so you don’t have to keep re-entering them whenever you come back to the site or browse from one page to another.

How do we use cookies?

Cookies used on our website are grouped into the following categories:
1. Essential - these are cookies that are required for the regular operation of our websites. For example, some cookies allow you to log-in to your account and add products to your basket and checkout securely, or carry out fraud detection and security checks (along with other similar things). These are essential for the website to work properly.
2. Functional-these cookies will enable you to move around the site and use its features such as accessing secure areas (e.g. content for registered users). These cookies also allow us to remember your user preferences, helping you to customize your experience on our site. The information gained through the use of functional cookies is anonymous and is not used for any other purpose.
3. Performance improvers- these cookies will help us understand how effective our content is, what interests our customers and to improve how our website works. This information is used for statistical purposes only and is not used to personally identify any user.
4. Advertising-these cookies enable us and our advertising partners to serve ads and manage our online advertising when you visit our site and sites upon which we advertise. These cookies record your visit to our website and the content you interact with, and may also be used to manage the number of times that you see an advertisement.

Who sets cookies?

Apart from us, also approved third parties may set cookies when you visit the site. Third parties include search engines, providers of measurement and analytics services, social media networks, and advertising companies. Third parties use cookies in the process of delivering content, including ads relevant to your interests, to measure the effectiveness of their ads, and to perform services.

How to control cookies

You can control and/or delete cookies as you wish – for details, see You can delete all cookies that are already on your computer and you can set most browsers to prevent them from being placed. If you do this, however, you may have to manually adjust some preferences every time you visit a site and some services and functionalities may not work

The CNIL (National Commission for Information Technology and Liberties) is an organization which ensures that nothing affects private life, human identity, human rights or individual freedoms. Following the law of October 1, the CNIL was responsible for verifying that all French sites had adopted a banner or pop-up indicating the use of cookies.

To find out more, you can visit the section dedicated to cookies on the CNIL website.

Why do we use cookies?

We use cookies to improve your user experience as much as possible. So you don't have to re-enter your information every time you visit our site. We also use cookies to improve the performance of our site by simplifying your navigation and establishing the statistics necessary to offer you content that meets your expectations.

What cookies are used on our site?

- service cookies: they improve your navigation between the pages of our site. They allow you to benefit from certain functionalities on our site (management of comments for example). Most of these technical cookies automatically expire when you close your browser because their sole purpose is to help you when you browse our site. If you have deactivated these cookies via the configuration panel of your browser, we advise you to reactivate them in order to take full advantage of our services when you browse our site. The service cookies we use are:

__utmc (Google Analytics - works in addition to the __utmb cookie to determine whether or not there is a new visit by the current unique visitor),

__utmt (Google Analytics - used to distinguish users and sessions),

__utma (Google Analytics - used to distinguish unique visitors to your site),

  __utmz (Google Analytics - stores all the information useful for identifying a traffic source),

__utmb (Google Analytics - used to track the visitor's session. This cookie expires as soon as the user remains inactive on your site for more than 30 minutes),

__utmv (Google Analytics - refers to the information entered when calling the _setVar () function),

- other third-party cookies such as: Google Maps and YouTube (for more information, visit the pages "Google privacy policy" and "Types of cookies used by Google"), Gravatar (used for comments - see the page " Gravatar privacy rules ”) as well as connectors with social networks such as Facebook or Instagram. For the latter, when the user is connected to a service using identification information, he authorizes the social network to keep cookies which allow him to remember his identity and which ensure access to services until they expire. The user can delete these cookies and revoke access to these services by updating their preferences on the chosen social network.

- Third-party advertising cookies: certain cookies for the purpose of behavioral advertising are placed by third-party partner providers.

How long are cookies kept for?

The cookies used by our site have a validity period of 13 months maximum. After this time, we will again seek your consent through the display of the information banner.

Who is the data collected for?

The data collected through cookies deposited via our site is only intended for ourselves as well as for possible third parties such as social networks when you have expressed your consent.

How to deactivate cookies

Audience measurement: you can prevent their use by going to

Configuration of your browser:

- Firefox:

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- Internet Explorer:

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Use of modules:

- Disconnect me:

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You can also consult our RGPD charter as well as the legal notices of the site.